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Start Earning Residual Multiple Stream Of Income Online

Acme People Search program created by an internet marketing guru Tissa Godavitarne's has created a proven amazing way for everyone to earn huge multiple streams affiliate commissions from Six (6) different top internet programs that you can join for free.

Tissa’s Acme People Search combines the earning opportunity and potentials of six top niche affiliate programs that many people have earned Six figure incomes from, these top niche programs are Clickbank, Google Adsense, HD Publishing, Reunion, GDI, and it’s Referral Program. All these were combined to create a multiple stream of income that anyone can take advantage of for free and make money.

Read on for Step by step details on how Acme People Search works

What is Acme People Search?

Acme People Search is a People search engine that was created by Tissa Godavitarne; it provides a free people search result for people looking for their lost contacts, family or Friends. See an example of an Acme people search engine here…

Acme People search Affiliate Program is HUGE: One-third of all searches on Google and Yahoo are related to this topic! (That's about 20 BILLION searches monthly.) Search engine experts agree it is one of the most popular search topics - and its still growing. Even Google and Yahoo DON'T have the specialized results people search for in this niche! Tissa saw the opportunity, and decided to build a search engine around this topic to "supply" the demand. This took him Two years and $100,000 to create this niche search engine.

It works like any other search engine: People enter keywords and get free results. But here's the difference: Every time users get results, You get affiliate commissions! Imagine having a search engine where you get paid every time users get results! There's no big secret about the affiliate products themselves - they're promoted by many affiliates. What's unique is the TECHNIQUE the search engine uses to generate HUGE profits. (A good thing, since it costs $25,000 a month just to maintain its database!)

You Don't Need $100,000 in Start-up Money:
You get Your Own Niche Search Engine IDENTICAL to Mine for FREE!

I have been an Internet marketer for some years now, and have worked with several programs but had only bite my fingers after spending money with them and got little from them. But I was amazed at the price to join ACME AFFIIATE PROGRAM which is completely free to join and earn.
You will have your own niche search engine; IDENTICAL to the search engine that has generated MILLIONS of dollars in commissions for Tissa. The same search engine that took two years and $100,000 to develop, and costs $25,000 a month to maintain.
All you have to do is send Web traffic to your search engine, and you'll be paid hefty commissions whenever people get their free search results!

You Don't Need $100,000 for Advertising Either:
Tissa'll Advertise YOUR Acme People Search Engine in Google, Yahoo and Msn for FREE!

With a Proven product like this, if there is no traffic you won’t make money, and to help his Affiliate Succeed, Tissa the program creator had implemented a way to advertise His Affiliate’s Acme People Search Engine in Google, Yahoo and Msn all for free, Because the more money you make, the more money he also makes so it’s a win win situation for all. But you should also promote it to earn even more money for yourself.

This is what you get with Your ACME
People Search Engine

· Your OWN Income-Generating Niche Search Engine
Having your own niche search engine means you can tap into a huge, pre-existing demand (a third of all searches on Google and Yahoo, remember?) Common sense should tell you that it's a whole lot easier to make money by catering to an existing need, than cold-calling, closing sales, or recruiting people for a downline!
· GUARANTEED Commissions of at Least $125 Within 24 Hours of Starting Your FREE Advert.
With Tissa promoting your People Search Engine you are guaranteed to earn up to $125 within 24 hours, (Guarantee does not apply if you have been credited with $125!)
· FREE Advertising of Your Search Engine in Google and Yahoo So You Can Start PROFITING!
After completing the 3 easy steps that will be explained later on this page, you will be approved to have your People Search engine Advertised for you at no charge.
· Build a Residual Income Stream From GDI Using the Search Engine's Own Referral Program!
With your GDI referral link added to your account you will earn residual income from your referrals that complete step 2 through GDI website package.
· You HAVE Six Top Affiliate Program Embedded into Your Free People Search Engine and You Earn Commissions From them as People use Your Free People Search engine. More on this later.


--> After Joining Acme People Search Engine Affiliate Program, You will be provided with your own customized Acme People Search Engine which has access to billions of people search related results and ready for people to start using. Here’s a sample

--> People finds your Acme people search engine and made searches as they get results from the search you get paid, remember your Acme search engine is embedded with several affiliate programs and even with google adsense ads.

The 3 Steps To SUCCESS
Your income potential will depend on the following steps So Follow this steps and Get Started with ACME PEOPLE SEARCH.

This is the First Step to take after joining; this is where you enter your SIX Top Affiliate program ID. You should enter your Clickbank ID, Google Adsense ID, HD Publishing ID, Reunion ID, and Your GDI details. The sixth is your Acme referral program it’s already customized for you.

This is A Vital step that will increase your Earning potential and gives you the opportunity to personalize your Acme people search website. Instead of using a link like this to promote your search engine you can choose to use your own personalized domain name for it like so people can easily remember it and come back often to do more searches, also you can only earn with google adsense if you have your own personalized page because google don’t accept redirect links.
You can either choose to register your domain and hosting and have Tissa personalize it for you or Better still JOIN GDI (GLOBAL DOMAIN INTERNATIONAL) they give you a domain and web hosting 7 days free trial and a little monthly fee.

This is the Final Step, After completing the 2 steps above you can now complete the final step, this is where Tissa would start advertising Your Acme People Search Engine on his Google, Yahoo and Msn Pay Per Click Advertising campaign the results of this campaigns can be seen in your traffic log where you see traffics sent by you and those sent by Tissa’s campaign.
Although Tissa advertises for you but to make hefty commissions with this you have to do some advertising for yourself and promote both your search site and referral link so as to earn referral commissions too.

These are the Three (3) Simple steps you will need to follow to earn money from Acme People Search Affiliate Program.

Remember! You will get the same complete people search engine that Tissa used in earning over $2 million dollars in 2008, which made him bought a million dollar house in 2008 all from money he earned from affiliate commissions. So you too can take advantage of it.

So Now Lets Do This Step By Step

Having seem all Acme People Search is all about, you shouldn’t pass this out to someone else without taking your spot in it since it cost you completely nothing and you are guaranteed of support and help as Tissa always makes himself available to help his affiliates and I will be here too to take you by the hand till you are comfortably making over $200 daily with this.

To get started now open this link in another tab Join Acme People Search it will take you to the Acme People Search affiliate signup page, Fill the Form and submit it. You will receive an email notification, confirm it and complete your registration.

The next step is to follow the Three steps to succeeding with Acme people search that is Affiliatize, Monetize and Advertise.

So its time to Affiliatize your Acme people search engine by going to the Affiliatize page and enter your Clickbank ID, Your Google Adsense ID, Your HD Publishing ID, Your Reunion ID, and Your GDI details, then submit. If you don’t have any of these ID you can join them here and get your ID.
Join Clickbank here
Join Google Adsense here
Join HD Publishing here
Join Reunion here
Join GDI here Global Domains International

After Affiliatizing Your Acme People Search Engine the next step is to Monetize it so as to increase your income potential. Here we would need to register for a domain name and hosting account; you don’t need to worry about spending much money on this because we will be using Global Domains International (GDI).

GDI is an Internet company that gives you a comprehensive Website package that includes a domain name of your choice, free web hosting and website builder that is user friendly, and you also get 10 email addresses attached to your domain name. All these will cost you just $10 monthly but as a new member to Global Domains International, you can use the system for a free 7 days trial.

So create your account with GDI and choose a domain name that has to do with people search, remember we are trying to personalize this to your own people search engine, you can use your name + people search e.g. or anything but let it be relevant to people search.

One issue people have against Global Domains International is that it uses the extension .ws which isn’t bad at all, because it uses the same features and display same thing as .com, .org, .biz or whatever. And mind you it wouldn’t be easy to find a domain name of your choice in .com, org .biz because the majority of people have gone for them and so they are unavailable, but Global Domains International is still new and there are still more chances of getting a domain name of your choice with them.
I recommend you join GDI as you will also be using it to earn money too in Acme People Search.

After creating an account with GDI and selected a search related domain name, Login to your GDI account and click on Domains in the margin by the left.
Then Click on the Change DNS link for your search engine’s domain name.
Select the Basic Hosting Option and click the continue button near the bottom.
Now check your email for a Hosting Activated Message from GDI.
You are almost done, the last step is to use the information found in the Hosting Activated email to complete your Acme people search engine Monetization.

When this is done your search engine will be instantly uploaded to your GDI Website and you are ready to start your Advertising campaign.

After successfully completing the 2 steps above, Tissa would start advertising your Acme People Search Engine in his Google, Yahoo and Msn pay per click ad campaign which will pull in massive traffic to your Acme people search website and generate good commissions and referrals for you.

Are you still reading? If you are then you are really on a good track to making money since you could read this far. The opportunity involve with Acme people search is Huge, as you are guaranteed to make money with it without anyone pocketing your money to himself not even Tissa or Me, its completely free to you so there is nothing holding you out than yourself.

See proof of payments made to affiliates just only from the referral program which is one of the six programs you will earn from….

You will earn up to $30 per referral whenever you refer qualified users who Affiliatize, Monetize and Advertise their own niche People search engines. If a referral maintains Step 1 for at least 30 days, you get paid $5.00. If your referral maintains Step 2 for at least 45 days you earn $10.00. And if that referral maintains Step 3 for at least 65days, you get another $15.00. That’s up to $30.00 per referral and you will also earn a Residual income stream from GDI!

GLOBAL DOMAINS INTERNATIONAL (GDI) offers you an opportunity to earn a good residual income as a member, GDI offers you a 7 days free trial which after it expires you have the option of continuing or canceling the account without paying, if you decide to continue with it which I advise you do, you will start paying $10.00 monthly for the service.
As you start advertising your Acme People Search combined with Tissa’s Advertising for you, you will start getting referrals which will have to go through the 3 steps to success and in step 2 GDI will be presented to them as a good option to Monetize their People search engine and they will have to join GDI through your referral link that’s extra income for you.
GDI will pay you $1.00 per referral, but that’s not all, because you get paid five levels deep that is you get paid for your referral’s referrals 5 levels deep and that’s on a monthly basics.
See the earnings example.
You refer 5 people to join Global Domains International; you earn $5.00 per month.
Your 5 referrals refers 5 referrals each that’s 25 referrals, you earn extra $25.00 on your second level.
These 25 referrals refer 5 referrals each that’s about 125 referrals on your third level and earning you additional $125.00 and still counting.
Your 125 third level referrals refer 5 referrals each bringing in about 625 referrals on your fourth level and earning you $625.00 per month even without doing anything.
Your 625 fourth level referrals can go on to refer 5 referrals each that’s totaling about 3125 referrals on your fifth level and giving you a 4 digit monthly income of $3,125.00 in commissions.
Adding all these together you will be earning a total of $3,900 in monthly commissions just for referring 5 people from your Acme referrals and guiding them on taking the steps to success which can get them referrals from Tissa’s advertisings.

So Here you see that Acme People Search Affiliate Program is an opportunity you should take advantage of and secure a guarantee income for yourself in this days of economic crunch when thousands of jobs are being terminated and people looking for a new opportunity to survive financially.

With Acme People Search you are guaranteed of making good money while working less and having a free time to yourself.